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New Holland Brewing – Ichabod Pumpkin Ale (2015)

Up now, guest reviewer SteveO’s take on Ichabod!

At first and ethanol esthery pungent aroma, followed by pure-pumpkin, with a hint of brown sugar, and interestingly enough butterscotch. Taste – malt forward. Nice amber ale-base from the start of the palete. From mid palete to finish, sweet cinnamon followed pure pumpkin doesn’t overwhelm, and ends with a subtle hint of nutmeg. Mouthfeel – light to medium bodied. Effervescence is low but pleasant. Amount of pumpkin – just the right amount of pumpkin with being too overkill.

As far as pumpkin beers go, I think this is a hit! The pumpkin flavor and fall spices blend perfectly with this solid amber ale. I’m not one for the overly sweet, over-produced, pumpkin pie in a glass. I enjoy a beer WITH pumpkin flavor. This reminds of Wolaver’s Pumpkin Ale, one of my favorites. It’s a balanced golden-amber ale with the essence of pumpkin. I give the Ichabod a solid 90 out of 100.

Up now, my take on Ichabod:

Few stories capture palpable terror at an early age as “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, which has gripped an audience by their quaking hands as they held the Irving short story in their trembling, or as they attempted to clutch the remote while entranced by the Tim Burton feature film. Even with a healthy dose of skepticism, our visceral id wants to believe that a decapitated Hessian rides at night seeking vengeance and beheading his victims. This ale, aptly from New Holland Brewing, pays homage to that vital character at America’s Halloween. This amber ale shows a slightly cloudy body with no head and lacing, and smells of the sweet pumpkin one might expect the Hessian to throw. Accompanying the pumpkin is a spicy cinnamon with just a slight nutmeg edge. With a malt forward taste, brown sugar and caramel accompany copious amounts of sugar pumpkins, but have their sweetness hacked by spicing with a prominent heat-bearing cinnamon in it’s finish. It’s no surprise that this mild-mannered ale is named for Mr. Crane and not the Horseman himself. I almost expect the two to be sitting down for afternoon tea and biscuits, severed head and all with an ale this calm, instead of galloping across the countryside and halting at covered bridges.

A solid, non-daring pumpkin ale, but at least it has real pumpkin (Pumpkinhead, I’m looking at you) – would love to taste Ichabod’s raging foil, tho. 85/100

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