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Coney Island Brewing – Freaktoberfest Big Ol’ Pumpkin Ale with Epsresso Beans (2015)

Returning guest reviewer Dave’s thoughts on Freaktoberfest Big Ol’ Pumpkin Ale with Espresso Beans:

Aroma – A kind of savory roastiness. Not really espresso, but more of a smoke. Not much spicing either.
Mouthfeel – Not as sweet as I was expecting. Bit of peppery tinge to it.
Taste – Full and roasty. Cinnamon/pepper spice. Not a whole lot of espresso or pumpkin spicing. Maybe a bit of dry, bitter coffee bean on the finish.
Overall – A good beer, but not a great pumpkin beer. (And far better than their previous Freaktoberfests) 78/100

And now, Alex’s take:

Freaktoberfest is a pumpkin ale that has taken on a variety of manifestions, like a child unable to land upon just one Halloween costume to go trick-or-treating while wearing. This year, with it’s mouthful of a title, it pours a copper hue and has a nose eerily close to what smells like spicy peppers, and not espresso as one might assume. The punch of flavor lives up to it’s surprise inducing carnival title and tastes of sweet pumpkin puree spiced with all-spice and mild cinnamon and nutmeg on a roasted oat body. In the finish, and more once this ale warms, what I’m judging to be the epresso beans start to smoothly creep thru, but without richness. It’s more like a shot of espresso pulled from McDonald’s coffee.

If this ale were a Legos kit, it would have pieces that belong to three different sets. Sometimes knights in space on a pirate ship are fun, just not in my beer. 71/100


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