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10 Barrel Brewing Company – Jamaican Me Pumpkin (2015)

I hate puns. I also hate plays on words. At this point, my loathing for such things has spread beyond my closest kin to the knowledge of friendly acquaintances. I also hate rum. That all being said, I managed to look past an oddly chosen name for a Jamaican Rum barrel-aged imperial pumpkin ale, and the fact that the barrel was rum and not my beloved whiskey, and saw only a delightful red wax seal and a new pumpkin ale to imbibe. This hazy light brown ale, when held to the light, had flickers of a reddish tint and smelled surprisingly not like rum at all, but like an innocently funky sour ale with apples and plums in the nose. Upon actual taste, the rum notes are definitely there coating what gasping for air pumpkins exist before fading into smooth sugar cane and a hint of oak from the wood of the barrel. What spicing occurred before barreling adds only to the density of the mouthfeel and the unfiltered quality of the pour, but doesn’t cut thru anywhere else.

As it warms, the sweetness of the rum takes on a sour shadow, as though identifying as a different kind of ale. This is a fork in the road ale where one could choose the rum road or the sour road. I’m not saying I’d take the one less traveled, but the road with a tart tinge tends to capture my interest more than a non-descript rum pumpkin ale. 80/100


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