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Anderson Valley Brewing Company – Pinchy Jeek Barl (2015

This ruby hued bark brown ale smells of sugary caramel and faint bourbon with a sprinkle of cinnamon. The lightness of the body almost sucker punches you from a much denser aroma,but the aging from the Wild Turkey bourbon barrels pours into your tastes first filled with both a dry oakiness and smooth bourbon notes. The body of the aged ale is almost too light for any of the spicing to land, resulting in a watery coconut flavor with deep pockets of creamy vanilla and buttery caramel which the pumpkins shyly poke their heads through only to disappear in the vastness of a buttery popcorn malt.

Not quite enough bourbon to satisfy my barrel-aged loving soul, but too watery for any of it’s varied heavy hitting flavors to not become too jarringly intense after a short span of drinking. The turkey on the label is a jauntier delight than this ale to me, though, and reminds me of the King Turkey of Brookline or The Harvard Turkey, an entrepreneur, who’s Facebook page you need to like. —–> 81/100


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