Evil Genius Beer Company – Trick or Treat Pumpkin Porter (2015)

17 Oct

No style of pumpkin beer makes me miss my pregnant ready to pop partner in pumpkin crime more than the pumpkin porter party. It’s Nicola’s favorite, and one that few have knocked me off my feet over, usually due to too much smoke choking out the rest of the flavors. Evil Genius has brewed a richly brown porter that gives off glints of red when held to the light, and bears a generous dollop of coffee-colored foam. The aroma is almost exclusively creamy milk chocolate with a flicker of roasted malt. Could any beer taste like a melted Hershey bar? Trick or Treat comes pretty damn close, with chocolate playing both the leading actor and actress in this play, but is nicely supported by a light earthy, toasted malt, mild cinnamon, rich vanilla, and pumpkins that appear right before the curtain.

This Wonka river of chocolate porter dunks the Augustus Gloop-headed pumpkins for as long as it can before they gasp long enough to be a tasty treat, making this my top pic for pumpkin porters. 91/100


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Posted by on October 17, 2015 in 2015 Reviews


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