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Harpoon Brewery – Pumpkin UFO (2015)

This highly carbonated, unfiltered pumpkin ale pours a hazy, tawny orange and has a large amount of cinnamon and pumpkin in the nose with just a sprinkle of nutmeg. Just as it promised, this ale wastes not a chunk of pumpkin, packing them all in there on top of a malt body combining brown sugar sweetness and too little earthy barley. Adding their weight to try to tame these sweet pumpkins is a large dose of cinnamon – not quite Big Red, but definitely the comparable store brand Mediumish Red, in terms of cinnamon heat.

A little bit too much of a sweet smack in the finish – pumpkin needs a little more room to breathe and be earthier underneath a whorish amount of rougeā€¦I mean cinnamon. 81/100


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