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Wicked Weed Brewing – Xibalba Imperial Pumpkin Ale (2015)

Visions of sweet, creamy pumpkin swirl through the mind frequently when pumpkin imperial ales are mentioned, or even though staunch possibility of a savory treat, but Wicked Weed has unleashed an ancient rite of passage worshipping seasonal change that demands fire and primitive hallucinogens. This hazel colored imperial pumpkin ale pours densely, topped with a fluffy, tan head. Instantly, a perfume of chocolate and habanero surges from the brew, as though summoning all closer to partake in tradition. Creamy pumpkin and cinnamon entwine themselves with rich cacao nibs creating a final embrace before all heat from the serrano, ancho, and habanero chiles slowly enflames the flavor with gradual heat on a roasted malt body. Though the heat lingers long after the chocolate has succumbed to the flame, the ale does take on a sweeter nature as it warms in your hand.

Like distant beating drums, the overwhelming circle of chiles and the raw cacao in this ale, with their inherent abilities, unleash visceral visions, wisdom, and desires on the inside, as nature sacrifices itself outside your door in order to be reborn. 91/100


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