Elysian Brewing – Dark o’ the Moon Stout (2015)

28 Sep

“You can’t blame all of your problems on the moon”, Brit (and soon to give birth) RMPumpkin Nicola once said to me. Don’t tell her, but she’s absolutely correct, as I could never classify this pumpkin stout homage to that mysterious side of the moon, so wonderfully musicalized in the past by Pink Floyd, as anything other than a visceral delight. This full-bodied stout releases a dense smoky aroma dripping with molasses, gingerbread, and tantalizing cinnamon. With barely any lacing, this stout pours a rich, opaque espresso hue. Having forgotten my knife and fork, I had to chew my way through the richness of this bitter chocolate loaf. Spiced with cinnamon, a phalanx of creamy pumpkin holds it’s own in the chocolate river, balancing out the bitter, before everything swirls into a smoky wisp of roasted coffee.

The gravitas of this stout is enough to slow time to a halt as you give in to all your pent-up primal lunar behavior – precisely what you want for a stout that you never wish to be quite finished drinking. 95/100

Nic’s thoughts from a past year: Pumpkin swaddled in smoking jacket of velvety chocolate, dashing spice and rich orange peel. Decadent, rich, oh-so-cleverly balanced. 96/100


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Posted by on September 28, 2015 in 2015 Reviews


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