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McKenzie’s Hard Cider – Pumpkin Jack Hard Cider (2015)

Apples, caramel, cinnamon, sticky sweetness – these are aromas that are found not only in Pumpkin Jack, but also a carnival on the verge of collapsing inwards onto it’s circus of horrors. Pouring the color of a watered down mimosa, this cider is jacked up to the point of qualifying as liquified Sugar Babies. Crammed with sweet apples and dense caramel, only a meek amount of cinnamon scratches through, but no pumpkin.

If I went bobbing for pumpkins in this apple bog, I would end up drowning in this saccharine mess while in search of at just one gourd. Appropriately frightening for Halloween, tho. 59/100

Nic’s thoughts from a past year: So much going on it tastes like artificial applesauce. It’s like eating a candy apple while being repeatedly smacked with a spice rack. 65/100


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