Epic Brewing Company & DC Brau Brewing Company – Fermentation Without Representation Imperial Pumpkin Porter (2015)

21 Sep

“Taxation without representation is tyranny”, early Patriot and Massachusetts native James Otis declared, but letting fermentation occur without interference must be the work of the righteous trusting in their beer. As a Pats fan, both Revolutionary and Tom Bradyary, thename of this porter already had large hooks in me. This brown imperial porter pours a crimson tint to it and releases a squash and chocolate loaded aroma. With slight warming, vanilla, light pumpkin, and molasses are released into a gentle spicing of cloves and cinnamon in this light body while sandwiching themselves in-between a roasted, coffee malt. Unlike typical porters, the coffee flavor here has a holiday, sun-dried twist to it releasing berry-like flavors and evoking early thoughts of Christmas and making me wish to pair it with a tart filled with pears, plums, or figs. Before the taste fully leaves Autumn, a bitter chocolate kicks back in and fades the porter out as quickly as it ensnared in the first place.

This Imperial Pumpkin Porter, in addition to letting my inner history geek flag fly, represents a bridge to seasonal beers from Fall into Winter. Too Porter-y to wallop you with pumpkin, and too squash-y to incite fear of the oncoming tundra of winter. Superb. 90/100


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Posted by on September 21, 2015 in 2015 Reviews


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