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Cisco Brewers Nantucket – Pumple Drumkin (2015)

If Pumple Drumkin were a movie, it would be one in the string of 90’s rom-coms where the “not cool” girl goes through a series of superficial changes (aka taking off those damn glasses) but ends with the inner change of accepting she was always beautiful on the inside. Canning this beer was inspired, adding a much needed metallic edge, but the inner change (in this case, more pumpkin) has finally occurred. Pouring a bright sequoia with a generous frothy head, a rich, pine and nutmeg filled aroma with a hint of caramel promises an upped game from past years. The caramel in the body combines with a more prominent pumpkin and is well-seasoned with light cloves and generous nutmeg. Before the caramelized sugar taste has a chance to become overwhelming with it’s sweet tastiness, bitter hops drag this pumpkin into a lovely dry finish.

By Freddie Prinze Jr, puberty has ended for this pumpkin. Complete with adorable can which has only enhanced the flavor for the better, this pumpkin is finally ready to be admired as a solid middle ground in the constant battle of savory and sweet. The glasses are off, let’s do this. 82/100

Nic’s thoughts from a past year: Pinier hops taste, light nutmeg. The hops overpower the very light spice and pumpkin, but make refreshingly savory anti-pie 76/10


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