Blue Point Brewing – Pumpkin Ale (2015)

18 Sep

If cream soda could have a Doppelgänger in appearance, then it would be this visually stunning pumpkin ale from Blue Point Brewing. Though faint, traces of cinnamon and pumpkin waft up from this pint in a delicate manner. But like last call, when the lights come on and you see just exactly how much sawdust, spilt beer, and broken dreams have been crushed into the barroom floor that particular Wednesday evening, the taste of this ale brings a promising ale crashing to the floor. Brown sugar is essentially dumped into a runny, thin body to float amongst the nutmeg and cinnamon in a whirlpool of strained pumpkin water. Somehow, I feel I’ve been had.

I, too, have a spice rack and jars of sugar, but I don’t just free-pour when I bake. All the right tools are here for a pumpkin beer, but I recommend burning this recipe card…or at least radically changing the quantities of each ingredient. 68/100

Nic’s thoughts from a past year: Another in the not-bad-not-great category. I won’t remember this next year. Or after my next beer. The Bill Pullman of pumpkin beer. 69/100


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Posted by on September 18, 2015 in 2015 Reviews


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