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Elysian Brewing – Punkuccino Coffee Pumpkin Ale (2015)

Guest reviewer Elijah Blaisdell’s review:

I’ve been waiting to try this beer ever since I got a taste of another of the Elysian pumpkins, night owl, on a recent trip to Seattle. Punkuccino, in my opinion, is a silly name but hey, it’s cute I guess. Elysian also describes this beer as, “a pumpkin ale with the attitude of a world-weary barista.” As a part time world weary barista myself, I was glad to get the chance to try it. It has a heavy aroma of sweet coffee, and dark pumpkin pie. A full, smooth, and round body. This beer is pleasantly sweet and the coffee note is dark, smooth, and chocolatey. Smooth layers of dark caramel, treacle, chocolate, and soft spice gave me visions of pumpkin pie filled chocolates, carefully arranged in pumpkin shaped boxes.

I find the Punkuccino to be just the kind of beer that this world weary barista needs. The sort I would find waiting at home to wrap me in it’s softly spiced tendrils, after a long day of serving coffee to an impatient and unending line of customers. As promised, this beer serves up a smooth mug of coffee, alongside a slice of dark caramelly pumpkin pie. 91/100

Alex’s Review:

“How’s your blood today, Alex? Is it the usual – more coffee than blood?” A good day has me answering affirmatively to this frequent question from a dear friend. A great day means that the coffee has found a way to course through my veins by some other means than my IV of iced coffee that I carry year round through New England winters. Elysian, known for their tireless amounts of inventiveness to feature pumpkin in solid brews, has done just that. They have included Stumptown coffee in their pumpkin ale and made my life an undeniably happier place by shoving coffee into my beer – YES, please. This medium-bodied ale pours a cherry cola hue and announces itself with a large glorious aroma of cinnamon chocolate and a pinch of nutmeg. Somehow, even with a slathering of nuttiness from the Stumptown coffee (which if you’ve never consumed, then you have been sorely failing at how to deliciously wake yourself up) on the sweet, ample pumpkin, there is a depth from the chocolate malt without a stout heaviness that allows the sensation of cinnamon chocolate bread to accompany the seasonal pumpkin.

As this ale warms, even more of the coffee releases itself. This ale just cut 15 minutes off of your morning commute – skip ‘bucks and enjoy your coffee, pumpkin and Autumnal loaf as a new three-in-one trinity to kick off a faboo day. 96/100


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