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Brooklyn Brewing – Post Road Pumpkin Ale (2015)

Post Road has shed it’s old wardrobe for a new label much more in alignment with Brooklyn’s beer line-up. Is this shedding of past duds the only thing that has changed in this pro-pumpkin seasonal brew? The pouring unveils a very familiar well-carbonated amber body. The scent is inhabited primarily with a robust barley scent and mild nutmeg. So far, this is familiar territory for this drinker. As hinted, a barley presence helps lay a foundation in a chewy malt and coupled with a bumper crop of raw, fleshy, naked pumpkin. Only in the finish, does nutmeg peek through. Despite what takes like a mouth full of raw pumpkin and biscuits, this ale is light-bodied and brisk. All together, a pleasurable, uncomplicated take on pumpkin. No lace, no frills – just honest gourd.

Though a great shout out to a puritanical viewpoint on brewing for sustenance
BAD aftertaste, the lack of even trace amounts of spicing leaves for a funky aftertaste. This pumpkin is haunted by the shadow it casts in your mouth. 68/100

Nic’s thoughts from a past year: Feels like fad diet vegetable water cleanse. More forgettable than that guy in that thing. Kevin something? 53/100


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