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California Cider Co. – Ace Pumpkin Cider (2015)

This crystal clear golden cider smells precisely how you’d want an autumnal cider to: tart, edgily spicy from cloves and all-spice, and just a notion of pumpkin. Then, all pie breaks loose from an initially earthy beginning as the tart-tease apples lose all their bite and become a sopping, brown sugar sticky mess. Added to this is margin of sweet pumpkin lightly cloaked in all-spice, but the gourd voice is nearly inaudible when up against a whole orchard.

Though slightly crisper then past years, what this cider lacks is the tart it promised to be. It leaves you with blue-(app)balls. Who knows where to get this cider some tang? 69/100

Nic’s thoughts from past season: Kind of artificial, like a pumpkin wine-cooler. A bit cheap and tarty, but hey, can’t that be fun sometimes? 67/100


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