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Traveler Beer Co. – Jack-O Pumpkin Shandy

Pumpkin #10 Traveler Beer Company Jack-O Pumpkin Shandy

Shandies – almost as polarizing a category of beer as pumpkin presents, and at the middle of these two in our Venn diagram, Traveler gives us Jack-O, a pumpkin shandy. This wheat beer/lemon bastard child is bronze with a generous dollop of tan foamy head. The high acidity of citrus pierces thru the aroma, and drowns out any other scents with it’s shriek. The shandy itself supports a light amount of real pumpkin wrapped in ginger and cinnamon, in addition to the obvious appearance of mellowly bright lemon, and supported by a syrupy cola-like body with a drippy finish.

This is as close to a Pumpkin Arnold Palmer as you get, if that’s actually something you’re seeking. If your fall is having a late start due to 96 degree weather (Thanks a lot, O-Boston), then this might be as much pumpkin as you can stomach. However, if you’re going to be a tart, then tart it up louder than this. 70/100

Nic’s thoughts from a past year: I admit, expected it to suck. Lemon-pumpkin shandy? Ew! Wrong. Tasty fall BBQ beer that won’t leave you crapulous. 77/100


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