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Uinta Brewing – Punk’n Harvest Pumpkin Ale (2015)

I will be the first to admit it. I prefer savory over sweet. I don’t know when it happened – probably sometime in my mid-20’s in-between experiencing my first hangover, that an egg on a burger is heavenly, and that “Friends” was riddled with homophobic humor. Some time in the midst of this renaissance, I realized that my taste for sweets of yore had been replaced with a craving for everything savory. Pumpkin beer isn’t the first thing to pop into my head when I think savory, but along comes Uinta with a solid ale that proves otherwise. This ale pours the color of glowing embers and unapologetically offers vegetables on the nose with a faint trace of nutmeg. The taste, however, unleashes a body of sweet, toasted pumpkin seasoned amply with nutmeg and cloves, and fades away dryly after a burst of barley. This ale epitomizes savory roasted flavors, and is not for the sweet of the heart.

Piece of pie it ain’t, but your daily dose of veggies? Yup. If you’ve been avoiding your greens, better grab a sixer. 85/100

Nic’s thoughts from a past year: Vegetal, lacks sweet element to even it out. Feels like I got lost in a corn maze with just pumpkin and Boston Lager for sustenance. 71/100


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