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Downeast Cider House – Pumpkin Blend (2015)

The gauntlet has been thrown.

In the pumpkin cider category, one which has severely been lacking a conqueror, Downeast has pumped out a gluten-free, creamy, opaque cider the color of a mashy mango tequila sunrise with the aroma of tantalizing masala chai. The pumpkin mash has been pressed with the apple cider and left unfiltered providing adense cider with rich cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and ginger from the MEM tea chai that adds heat to the pumpkin and throws off the colonizing overt sweetness of the apples that might have been. Balanced, spicy, tangy, delicious.

The only thing thankfully missing from this new replacement of mulled cider for upcoming fall family holidays is salt from my inevitable ugly crying at the end of those festivities. This pumpkin cider is a trump card – and it’s caffeinated to boot! 94/100


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