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Cambridge Brewing Company – The Great Pumpkin Ale (2014)

NicAA: Golden-orange, with a thin head. Aroma of caramel, malty, aromatic spices, mainly cinnamon and allspice. Hints of vanilla.

NicTM: Medium body, light carbonation. The fall spices aren’t strong, rather just a light fall jacket for the fleshy pumpkin. Brown sugar, vanilla. 8/10

NicP: Massachusetts local sugar pumpkin at it’s best. Sweet, fresh and low mileage, no cans in sight. Perfect. 5p

NicO: A true classic that uses incredibly fresh and wonderfully local ingredients, and doesn’t over complicate or hide behind heavy spice. 87/100

AlexAA: Pours a warm honey-toned amber, beautifully fresh pumpkin leads the aroma w/ hints of caramel and faint cinnamon. 9/10

AlexTM: Ribbons of caramel, buttery sugar pumpkins, and slight strains of vanilla, nutmeg & cinnamon trace a sweet outline that a mildly bitter hop lingers in. 8/10

AlexP: These massacred pumpkins did not die in vain – to those pumpkins about to die for this ale, we salute you. 5P

AlexO: Warm, buttery and sweet enough that you might just miss when it barbs you right as it leaves – never judge a dessert beer until it’s out the door. 88/100

Cambridge Brewing Company Great

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