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Rogue Ales – Pumpkin Patch Ale (2014)

NicAA: Burnt sienna with almost no head. Big, musty vegetal aroma, hints of cola and very light fall spice. 8/10

NicTM: Toffee, molasses and sweet, fresh pumpkin. Vanilla and biscuity malt make a light, beady “crust”. 9/10

NicP: Pumpkins are exactly what make this beer so awesome. Not just an addition, a refreshing main player. 5p

NicO: Not a pie beer, this is a true PUMPKIN beer. Fresh, rindy, the subtlest spice…it’s almost crunchy. And I love it. 89/100

AlexAA: Deep russet jewel tone, thick cinnamon mingles w/molasses, pumpkin, mild cloves & slight ginger 9/10

AlexTM:  Warm cinnamon opens into barley malt & gobs of fresh pumpkin, cloves decorate the pumpkins throughout the flavor 8/10

AlexP: You know what pumpkin is better than yours? The juicy one Rogue grew themselves. 5P

AlexO: Frankly, these pumpkins don’t give a damn. They went big, not home. 90/100

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