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McKenzie’s Hard Cider – Pumpkin Jack Hard Cider (2014)

AlexAA: Slight orange tint to this champagne colored cider, caramel, cinnamon and apples greet you when you take a whiff. 7/10

AlexTM: Thick cider with a wall of caramel, sweet apples, & mild cinnamon all overpowering the pumpkin, not crisp in the least 6/10

AlexP: It’s the Where’s Waldo of Pumpkins. 2P

AlexO: Cloying. Difficult to smack your way thru any other flavor than the carny amount of caramel. 63/100

NicAA: Canary yellow, appears still. Big whiffs of cinnamon and clove, with hints of ginger. Sweet, sugar coated apple. 7/10

NicTM: Light body and very subtle carbonation. Big, BIG clove hit. There’s a TON of spice in here, almost making it bitter despite the sweet apples. 6/10

NicP: Probably behind the mountain of cloves. 2p

NicO: So much going on it tastes like artificial applesauce. It’s like eating a candy apple while being repeatedly smacked with a spice rack. 65/100

McKenzies Pumpkin Jack Cider 2014

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