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Mendocino Brewing Company – Pumpkin Ale (2014)

NicAA: Brick red with a sticky, whipped foam head. Whiffs of big cinnamon and cocoa, hint of rum. 8/10

NicTM: Medium body and carbonation. Starts out like a traditional pumpkin with the usual compliment of fall spices, then moves into an almost chocolate milk finish. 8/10

NicP: It’s a patch in the massive granny quilt that is this beer. 2p

NicO: A multiple personality beer. This beer IS like riding a unicorn through a thunderstorm. And it’s terrifying. 79/100

AlexAA: Blood orange w/ 1/4 inch tan foam, cocoa covered pumpkin and cinnamon carry the subtle aroma 8/10

AlexTM: Medium bodied ale w/pumpkin seasoned well in nutmeg & cinnamon, gentle warmth from cocoa, then ginger takes over in a mildly bitter hop finish 9/10

AlexP: Pumpkin is not only balanced here but is the mutual friend of all the flavors – without it, this wheel would be hub-less. 5P

AlexO: So late in flavor to the pumpkin party, that it’s almost a month early to the office holiday one. But when you’re this sweet, yet edgy, both work. 89/100

Mendocino Brewing Company Pumpkin Ale 2014

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