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Avery Brewing Company – Pump[ky]n (2014)

NicAA: Pitch, with a thick one finger head and sticky lace. Bourbon, chocolate, vanilla and a curious aroma of fresh paint. 7/10

NicTM: Velvety, thick and boozy. Oak and bourbon mingle with the chocolatey porter and decadent vanilla. Little burn in the finish. 9/10

NicP: Hard to find in this multilayered mashup, but tasty. 3p.

NicO: A heavy witches brew with a wonderful porter base, heavily built on with the bourbon, oak and spicing. Its like tasting all of the previous 60 at once. Intravenously. 91/100

AlexAA: Chocolatey brown in color w/ a hard-hitting, boozy nose of bourbon and oak. 9/10

AlexTM: Once it warms and settles out, layers begin to appear of chocolate, sweet bourbon, traces of vanilla, & intermittent cloves & all-spice 8/10

AlexP: There are pumpkins there, but good effin luck tasting them. 2p

AlexO: Not an easy sipper, but after 60 others – go big or go home 85/100

Avery Brewing Company PumpKYn


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Coddington Brewery – Pumpkin Ale (2014)

AlexAA: Pours like a bubbly glad of ginger ale w/ a bouquet filled up with cinnamon, vanilla, & sugary pumpkins reminiscent of sugar cookies 9/10

AlexTM: Watery body of pumpkin & vanilla mixed smoothly up w/ a touch of nutty caramel like a slice of pie w/ champagne-esque bubbles 8/10

AlexP: Delicately placed in balance with finessed spicing. 5P

AlexO: At this late in our 61, an ale this refined shone all the brighter for it’s understated elegance. 89/100

NicAA: Clear, hay colored with a fluffy head and light lace. Subtle cinnamon and allspice, hint of pumpkin. 8/10

NicTM: Thinner body and lower carbonation, great balance of light spice, sweet malt and a hint of vanilla and brown sugar. 8/10

NicP: Tastes good and fresh, sugar pumpkin, and there’s just the right amount. 5p

NicO: Light, bright sessionable and lower ABV pumpkin ale which is rare, I’d pick up a growler on the way to a tailgate where pacing and palate saving was key. 85/100

Coddington Pumpkin Ale

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The Tap Brewing Co. – Pumpkin Eater (2014)

NicAA: Clear caramel with a bubbly, sticky head. Rich aroma of light spices and a subtle “pie crust” maltiness. 9/10

NicTM: Soft, medium bodied and lower carbonation. Creamy sweet pumpkin, malty graham cracker crust and subtle fall spice. 9/10

NicP: Pumpkins harvested from 3 miles from the brewpub? You better believe they’re sugary, fresh, and crazy good! 5p

NicO: Traditional, pie-like but not heavy. The Superman of pumpkin beers, it might not be the most enigmatic superhero, but it’s rock solid. 88/100

The Tap Brewing Co Pumpkin Eater
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Coastal Extreme Brewing Co. Newport Storm – Rhode Island Pumpkin R.I.P. (2014)

NicAA: Cloudy orange with a thin head and sticky lacing. Aroma of orange zest, pumpkin meat and light cinnamon. 8/10

NicTM: Thinner body, moderate carbonation. Sweet malt and a lot of fresh tasting pumpkin…but really little else. Spices are light to absent in the flavor. 7/10

NicP: Well, it’s definitely a pumpkin beer. Plenty of good quality tasting sugar pumpkin. Just left a little wanting for seasoning. 7p

NicO: A touch of spice, definite pumpkin, sweet but not candy…all fine, overall combines here to the benchmark for average. 70/100

AlexAA: Ruby colored w/ light lacing supports caramel & chocolate, pumpkin, cinnamon, & all-spice in this richly sweet scent. 9/10

AlexTM: Strong ginger, all-spice & cloves have a sharp onset w/ a grip on fresh pumpkin, the sweetness from the aroma is far more subtle in the body of this ale w/ lingering traces of nutmeg. 7/10

AlexP: Bright, juicy juice pumpkins that honey badger the malts all back. 7P

AlexO: The Manischewitz of the pumpkin ales – a big old pumpkin boozy juice box. 82/100

Newport Storm Rhode Island Pumpkin RIP

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Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project and Cambridge Brewing Co. – Next of Kin (2014)

AlexAA: The color of cherry cola, but an arresting aroma of smoky chocolate and hearty brown sugar. 8/10

AlexTM: Throwing me for a complete loop, what starts in a web of molasses and anise thins out quickly into bright melon sweetness from the Jarrahdale pumpkins. 8/10

AlexP: This attic family pumpkin tastes almost identical to a honeydew melon, which I consider the packing peanut of the fruit salad world. In the pumpkin beer world, however, it offers a FRESH take on how to use this gourd. 6P

AlexO: The melon-y pumpkin burst after a dense sipper onset is like that burst of energy after a comfy night in – just enough of a spark to go meet up for that nightcap. 88/100

NicAA: Ruby red with a bright, thin but clingy head. Aroma of licorice, brown sugar, chocolate. 8/10

NicTM: Lighter than I imagined from the aroma, chocolate covered licorice, candi sugars and lots of melon from the Jarrahdale pumpkin. 8/10

NicP: Not your average pumpkin, the Jarrahdale is more like a cucumber crossed with a honeydew. Sweet, light, refreshing. 4p

NicO: I worried about so many unique and seemingly contradicting flavors here but it works. “Will y’have a pumpkin aaale love? Goo on, yer nanna’s havin’ one!” 88/100

Pretty Things and Cambridge Brewing Company Next of Kin

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Cambridge Brewing Co. – Grey Ghost (2014)

NicAA: Sunshine colored, cloudy, headless as a halloween horseman. Funky yeast nose, banana, grapefruit and gourd. Like a Belgian pumpkin patch. 9/10

NicTM: Moderate carbonation and mouthfeel, the taste matches the aroma. Yeasty, sweet and funky. Banana and fruity esters compliment the gourd, peppery grains of paradise, cereal. 9/10

NicP: Quality, local, fresh and sweet. Exactly as CBC promises. 4p

NicO: Fresh, spicy…but not the fall spice you might expect, instead, wonderful peppery Belgian yeast and grains of paradise. A fantastic background for gourd. 90/100

AlexAA: Thick scent of wheat, orange, & coriander waft up from this sun drop yellow ale. 9/10

AlexTM: Squashy pumpkins bob around a body of balanced grains of paradise, zesty orange, and wheat that gives it a gummy smack. 8/10

AlexP: There’s a stocky, heartiness to the pumpkins here to mellow out the brightness of the citrus. 4P

AlexO: There’s a comfort food quality here from almost soup-like pumpkin & reminders of a more Summer-y time – bright, simple, and no abuse of over seasoning w/ coriander. 88/100

Cambridge Brewing Company Grey Ghost
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Great South Bay Brewery – Splashing Pumpkin Pumpkin Ale (2014)

NicAA: Clear rust with a light head but fair lacing. Almost fruity aroma, with pumpkin, citrusy hops and light fall spices. 7/10

NicTM: Light, moderately carbonated. Caramel malt and touches of cinnamon and clove, creamy then fruity finish. Like a fluffy fruit bread. 7/10

NicP: Doesn’t taste artificial, it’s not drowned in spicing, and the citrusy hops compliment it. 4p

NicO: A great sessionable pumpkin for those who don’t want big spice or pie taste. No wow, just hmm. 73/100

AlexAA: Blood orange w/ no tracing and an oddly watery aroma of cinnamon, cloves, malt, & mothballs? 6/10

AlexTM: Spicy from all-spice, cinnamon and cloves, pumpkin is more vegetal than dessert like despite a heavy handed malt – even with all this, it’s all far too watery. 7/10

AlexP: Watery, crisp pumpkins just rinsed from the patch, but hiding from the seasoning that waits to attack from all sides. 4P

AlexO: This is the nice guy of pumpkin beers – he’s lost in a sea of pumpkin beers that all stand out for being spicier or sweeter or more savory or more ANYTHING. 71/100

Great South Bay Splashing Pumpkin

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Brewmaster’s Brewing Company – BLATANT Pumpkin Ale (2014)

AlexAA: Crystal clear amber w/ decent carbonation, pumpkin, cinnamon, & caramel entwine for this this forward scent. 9/10

AlexTM: This medium bodied ale has a bready chewiness w/ multiple layers of caramel, cinnamon, fresh pumpkins, & the slightest hint of cloves 8/10

AlexP: As it warms, intense sweetness from both the plethora of pumpkins and caramel begin to overtake all the senses. 6P

AlexO: A carnival candied treat ale – just one more might be just one too many, but why not? You deserve the treat…this time. 88/100

NicAA: Foggy copper with a thin head. Warm cinnamon, brown sugar and ginger along with fresh pumpkin leap from the glass. 9/10

NicTM: Light mouthfeel, medium carbonation. Thinner flavor than the nose suggests, but still predominantly pumpkin, cinnamon and a hint of banana. Floral hops are a subtle background. 8/10

NicP: Tastes fresh and plentiful, and it’s definitely one of the main flavors in this traditional pumpkin ale. 4p

NicO: Great aroma, lighter flavor. It’s a great traditional pumpkin ale, but just falls short of the top level. It’s in the Uncanny Valley of pumpkins. 87/100

Brewmasters Blatant Pumpkin Ale

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Troegs Craft Brewery – Master of Pumpkins (2014)

NicAA: Cloudy russet with a leggy, off-white head. You can smell the cinnamon and vanilla across the room, so inviting. 9/10

NicTM: Fuller body, moderate carbonation. Rich clove and honey meld with the peppery saison yeast, then lead you by the tastebuds to the pumpkin and vanilla. Rich. 9/10

NicP: The buttery, sweet Pennsylvania neck pumpkins are a delicious fresh addition here, and are flavorful enough to hold their own against fairly complex spicing. 5p

NicO: Big and flavor packed, every layer of this beer is wonderfully balanced. This beer aced it’s Master’s and should be working on it’s PhD. 91/100

AlexAA: Bright fruity notes, mainly apple, cloves, and honey make up a thick aroma from this burnt umber hued ale 9/10

AlexTM: Strong cloves and French saison yeast w/ a hint of apples and pumpkin that hit in the first wave of this complex pumpkin ale, it then deepens from an edge of ginger to a sweet vanilla honey finish w/ light cinnamon and nutmeg. 9/10

AlexP: The cloves and ginger are the loudest voice in this chorus, overwhelming pumpkins that peek thru shyly in presence but not in taste every so often. 3P

AlexO: Finally, a pumpkin ale with European flair – the saison yeast alone makes this Fancy Pants ale show off it’s flashy spicing in an elegant way. 90/100

Troegs Master of Pumpkins

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Cambridge Brewing Company – The Great Pumpkin Ale (2014)

NicAA: Golden-orange, with a thin head. Aroma of caramel, malty, aromatic spices, mainly cinnamon and allspice. Hints of vanilla.

NicTM: Medium body, light carbonation. The fall spices aren’t strong, rather just a light fall jacket for the fleshy pumpkin. Brown sugar, vanilla. 8/10

NicP: Massachusetts local sugar pumpkin at it’s best. Sweet, fresh and low mileage, no cans in sight. Perfect. 5p

NicO: A true classic that uses incredibly fresh and wonderfully local ingredients, and doesn’t over complicate or hide behind heavy spice. 87/100

AlexAA: Pours a warm honey-toned amber, beautifully fresh pumpkin leads the aroma w/ hints of caramel and faint cinnamon. 9/10

AlexTM: Ribbons of caramel, buttery sugar pumpkins, and slight strains of vanilla, nutmeg & cinnamon trace a sweet outline that a mildly bitter hop lingers in. 8/10

AlexP: These massacred pumpkins did not die in vain – to those pumpkins about to die for this ale, we salute you. 5P

AlexO: Warm, buttery and sweet enough that you might just miss when it barbs you right as it leaves – never judge a dessert beer until it’s out the door. 88/100

Cambridge Brewing Company Great

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