Redhook Brewery – Out of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter

21 Sep

NicAA: Rich, pitch black brew with a fluffy chocolate head. Cocoa-pumpkin aroma is very inviting…9/10

NicTM: Medium body and silky mouthfeel. Toasty espresso, sweet chocolate and maple syrup notes and smooth puree pumpkin. Spices are wonderfully muted, and tie the flavor of the porter base to the pumpkin. 8/10

NicP: In pumpkin porters the strong flavors of the toasted malt can also overpower the pumpkin, but not so here. Nicely done. 3p

NicO: Porters are wonderful bases for a pumpkin beer, and this is a solid offering. I’d like a little more maple syrup to make this stand out, but I’d happily drink a six of these next to a fire. The spices come forward as it warms, but only enhance the malts and pumpkin and don’t overwhelm. Hooked. 87/100

AlexAA: toasted aroma of smoky espresso and pumpkin wafts up from this root beer colored porter 7/10

AlexTM: very carbonated with a fine layer of maple syrup evening out the bumpy, earthy cedar, and letting the sweet pumpkin pour thru w/ a touch of nutmeg and smoke. 8/10

AlexP: Nice and gritty – like a pile of toasted pumpkin seeds, seasoned by open roasting 4P

AlexO: This porter begs to be enjoyed in front of a campfire – the maple syrup gives it the homey taste of spiked camp coffee. 84/100

Red Hook Pumpkin Porter

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Posted by on September 21, 2014 in 2014 Reviews


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