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Shipyard Brewing Co. – Smashed Pumpkin (2014)

NicAA: Vibrant rust with great head and lacing. Aroma of Halloween candy pumpkin and a plasticky odor. Cinnamon. 6/10

 NicTM: Sticky and sickly sweet with moderate carbonation. Licorice, anise maybe. Ugh. 4/10

 NicP: Roughly the same amount of pumpkin as in candy corn, and about as pleasant. 2p

 NicO: Too many strong, jarring flavors; molasses jostles with licorice, heavy smoke and cloying syrup. Like a concentrated drip-tray after a pumpkinbeer fest. 49/100

 AlexAA: Oddly smells like red licorice, mingling of tart & sweet in the aroma, glowing, deep orange in color 5/10

 AlexTM: Foundation of brown sugar allows pumpkin, molasses, and vanilla to alternate jumping in and out of focus in this complex flavor profile 6/10

 AlexP: All of the super sweet pumpkins in Maine jumped into this Imperial – wish some/any could’ve made it into Pumpkinhead 7P

AlexO: This heavy malt creates an almost rum-like, cough syrupy loaf of bread beer. 59/100

Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin 2014
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