Pumpkin PARTY! Join us today, at Craft Beer Cellar, Belmont, MA!

06 Sep

Hey all, busy today? Got to get that one last lawn mow in before the end of the season? Laundry to do? Gotta shop for a new leaf blower?

Well that all sounds mighty dull. Why not join us instead? We’ll be at the Craft Beer Cellar “Mothership” in Belmont, MA today pouring beers (we’ll be pouring between 3 and 5) and chatting pumpkin and all things craft beer, fall, and festive. Missed us last year? We had a blast, see? This is Alex, all happy like…

Alex CBC

Craft Beer Cellar’s Okto-Pumpkin Kashizalapooza is where it’s at today! Here are the details:

“Do you remember how, during that stretch of what seemed like forty, 90+ degree summer days, everyone was thinking, “I could really go for a tall glass of Pumpkin Beer right now.”? Yeah. Neither do we. Earlier this summer, the Craft Beer Cellar family decided enough was enough. We wanted #SummerForever (still do, really), and it was in that vein that we decided no pumpkin, fall harvest, or Oktoberfest beer would touch our shelves until September 1st. We took a stand, and you’ve supported us every step of the way. Thank you; now it’s party time. Join us on Saturday, September 6th from 1 to 7pm for a celebration of all things fall. We’ll have food, fun, pumpkin/Oktoberfest/fall harvest beer tastings, costumes (yes, you can wear yours from last Halloween), COLORING BOOKS!!!, giveaways, dancing, and more surprises to be announced. Now taking playlist suggestions. Madluv.”

Craft Beer Cellar Belmont, 51 Leonard Street, Belmont, MA 02478 (map)

See you there?

Nic and Alex, @RateMyPumpkins


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