Two Roads Brewing Company – Roadsmary’s Baby (2014)

01 Sep

Nic Aroma/Appearance: deep rust color with thick head that leaves slowly, leaving lacing. Big warm aroma from the rum barrels, cinnamon and clove and a little warm vanilla. Incredibly inviting! 9/10

Nic Taste/Mouthfeel: light carbonation, medium body that packs a lot of flavor. Sweet malt and pumpkin transition to cinnamon and brown sugar notes, with warming rum and vanilla in back. 9/10

Nic Pumpkininess: good gobs of gourd, sweet and dressed up beautifully in velvety spice. 5p

Nic Overall: This baby has something special about it. There’s a ton going on here, lots of spice, oak, rum, this is not one of those bland, run-of-the-mill pumpkin beers. Adopt a 6 pack today! 89/100

AlexAA: a warm russet with a cloudiness, the rum and vanilla pop you in the nose as this ale warms. 9/10

AlexTM: The rum surrounds this complex pumpkin and its subtle layers of vanilla, a dash of cloves, and brown sugar with an oaky after dinner effect. 8/10

AlexP: Even with the ever-present rum, the pumpkin here holds its own with a balancing freshly toasted quality. 6P

AlexO: Tho this barreled sixer could afford more generosity on the cloves, and nutmeg, the flavor combo is effective. “This is no dream”, Two Roads has given us a portable barreled pumpkin that wheels in year 1 on a dessert cart. 87/100

Two Roads Roadsmary's Baby

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