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Two Roads Brewing Company – Roadsmary’s Baby (2014)

Nic Aroma/Appearance: deep rust color with thick head that leaves slowly, leaving lacing. Big warm aroma from the rum barrels, cinnamon and clove and a little warm vanilla. Incredibly inviting! 9/10

Nic Taste/Mouthfeel: light carbonation, medium body that packs a lot of flavor. Sweet malt and pumpkin transition to cinnamon and brown sugar notes, with warming rum and vanilla in back. 9/10

Nic Pumpkininess: good gobs of gourd, sweet and dressed up beautifully in velvety spice. 5p

Nic Overall: This baby has something special about it. There’s a ton going on here, lots of spice, oak, rum, this is not one of those bland, run-of-the-mill pumpkin beers. Adopt a 6 pack today! 89/100

AlexAA: a warm russet with a cloudiness, the rum and vanilla pop you in the nose as this ale warms. 9/10

AlexTM: The rum surrounds this complex pumpkin and its subtle layers of vanilla, a dash of cloves, and brown sugar with an oaky after dinner effect. 8/10

AlexP: Even with the ever-present rum, the pumpkin here holds its own with a balancing freshly toasted quality. 6P

AlexO: Tho this barreled sixer could afford more generosity on the cloves, and nutmeg, the flavor combo is effective. “This is no dream”, Two Roads has given us a portable barreled pumpkin that wheels in year 1 on a dessert cart. 87/100

Two Roads Roadsmary's Baby

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We’re Back!

Well hello there!

Lovely to see you. Labor day has been and gone, and we hope you have had a wonderful summer and year thus far. Sadly the summer is waning, and fall weather will soon be upon us. But don’t despair, we have another season of reviews, just for you! Won’t you grab a pumpkin beer and drink along with us?

A few updates now we’ve brushed away the cobwebs and taken the lock off the pumpkin beer fridge. First off, we’re sticking with our four category rating system (see our page “Rating System” for a reminder), but for Twitter, we are streamlining the reviews a little to two tweets each, a flavor/aroma/appearance category, and an overall summary. Long form “classic” reviews will be appearing here, and on our Facebook page.

beer fridge 324631_353121288104367_695738468_o Secondly, why not come and meet us at  the Craft Beer Cellar “Mothership” CBC Belmont on Saturday, Sept 6th? We’ll be pouring some faves, chatting pumpkin and all things craft beer and generally having a fun ol’ time. We’ll be the sassy chick with the loud laugh and the awkward British chick. I believe there will also be other beers to try, games and potentially fall-themed coloring competitions. What’s not to love?

Finally, y’all are great. But then that’s not really news is it. 🙂

Love, gourds and all things ghoolie,

Nic and Alex, @RateMyPumpkins.

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