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Heavy Seas Beer – The GreatER Pumpkin

NicAA: Bright copper under a pillowy head, w. big boozy amber nose over cardamom and cinnamon. So rich, smooth and oaky. 9/10 #RatePumpkins

NicTM: Smooth, bourbony, rich with boozy notes. Spices are a delicious jumble, with different tones as it warms. 9/10 #RatePumpkins

NicP: It’s kind of in the chorus of this major production, but it sings a true note. You taste it more as it warms up. 3p #RatePumpkins

NicO: Delicious, boozy, and more complex than the storyline of The X-Files. GreatER than I ever imagined. Arrrr! 92/100

AlexAA: Fizzy, sunshine orange hued, vanilla & bourbon, sweet pumpkin meat 9/10

AlexTM: Heavy molasses and bourbon, caramel malt and brown sugar, then followed w/ oaky, dry finish 9/10

AlexP: Pumpkins – very sweet, but lost after initial burst of flavor and washed away in a smacking sea of whiskey. 4P

AlexO: Hearty, syrupy bourbony pumpkin – the kind you just want to swig from a flask and grow some hair on your chest. 93/100

Heavy Seas GreatER

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