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Beer Works – Pumpkin Works Ale (2013)

NicAA: Orange, clear and zero head. Cinnamon, light malt, not much else. Sigh. 5/10

NicTM: Odd walnut taste, fishy taste, malt, then…nothing. Thin mouthfeel, moderate carbonation. Slight burnt molasses. 5/10

NicP: What pumpkin there is tastes burnt and weirdly watery at the same time. 2p

NicO: So forgettable I forgot how much I thought this was forgettable last year. Wait, what? 50/10

AlexAA: bright, clear candy orange and light foam. Abundant cinnamon and sour pumpkin to the nose. 4/10

AlexTM: thin, there’s slight sour, almost rotten, pumpkin first, then a small amount of brown sugar malt & cinnamon, then, a cringe-inducing aftertaste. 2/10

AlexP: Seeing as pumpkin is one of the few tastes here, I know it’s there – sadly, they used the one that was on their stoop until Nov. 21st. Rotten. 2P

AlexO: No body, mistreated pumpkin, lazy spicing = shoddy work. If you are not going to craft a recipe, then don’t brew. 30/100

Beer Works

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