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Southern Tier Brewing Company – Warlock (2013)

AlexAA: Color of molten chocolate lava cake, w/ chocolate & caramel on nose to match & slightest toasted vanilla & sugar 10/10

AlexTM: dark malt combo is more espresso than chocolate, but toasty pumpkin & ginger hold their own in this complex combo 9/10

AlexP: YES, and there’s a sweetness that reminds me of pumpkin seeds, too, balancing the smoke from malt 6P

AlexO: If Pumking is a goody-two shoes, than Warlock is the badass steam-punk sibling. I’d get tattoos w/ this stout. 95/100

NicAA: NicAA: Deepest ruby color, aroma reminiscent of Pumking. Biscuity, sweet nose with spice and a touch of toasty malt. 10/10

NicTM: Full bodied with upfront licorice and sweet pumpkin puree that segues into spices and roasted malt. Smoky finish. 9/10

NicP: Sweet pumpkin puree here is more overshadowed than in it’s Pumking counterpart, but it’s a dark beer, so that works. 4p

NicO: Tattooed, two finger waving evil twin of Pumking. A pumpkin pie and Breakfast Stout made bad decisions at a party.94/100

Southern Tier Warlock

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