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Fox Paw Brewing – I Was Saying Boo-urns! White Pumpkin Stout (2013)

AlexAA: goldenflower hued w/ subtle head, caramel & vanilla w/ the slightest orange & espresso on the nose 8/100

AlexTM: slightly flat on carbonation, but juicy citrus, mild pumpkin, and solid 6-row malt cushion for it all to bounce on 7/10

AlexP: More obvious in texture than taste – balance needs more espresso and less citrus for it to peek out 3P

AlexO: Best naming session w/ my bestie – exciting start to a recipe LOVE those white stouts – Judy Winslow of Pumpkins 75/100

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The Tap Brewing Co. – Pumpkin Eater (2013)

AlexAA: amber w/ soft foam, caramel & brown sugar aroma that wrap around pumpkin & cinnamon in the aroma 9/10

AlexTM: A caramel malt that supports a body of vanilla and pumpkin, spiced more on the savory, than sweet side of things 8/10

AlexP: Smooth, balanced, and creamy like a pie-filling. 5P

AlexO: Balanced, savory, easy like Sunday morning Caramel is warm w/out knocking you out, savory like charcuterie board 88/100

NicAA: Clear copper, one finger of creamy foam and delicious whiffs of brown sugar, vanilla and nutmeg. Hint of clove. 10/10

NicTM: Thinner than expected, crazy smooth. Spices seem muted, cinnamon most apparent. Slight vanilla. Little bitter hop. 8/10

NicP: FRESH. Noticeable upfront here, and as the beer warms brings more and more pleasant sweetness. 5p

NicO: Nitro mutes the subtle flavors in this, but this is still one heck of a great beer. Pumpkin blossoms as it warms. 88/100

The Tap Eater

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Rogue Farms – Pumpkin Patch Ale (2013)

AlexAA: deep scarlet w/ a small tan froth – thick cinnamon, cloves & ginger on nose 10/10

AlexTM: well-carbonated, earthy barley upfront w/ gobs of fresh pumpkin, thorough cinnamon, and a cloves spicy finish 9/10

AlexP: You know what trumps everyone else’s pumpkin? Ones you grew yourself. Big and Fresh and Juicy. 6P

AlexO: They make you wait for it, but, damn, is homegrown everything worth the wait. Au naturale, baby. 95/100

NicAA: Blood-orange with fluffy head. Wonderful aroma of clove, orange peel, vanilla and cinnamon on top of pumpkin meat. 9/10

NicTM: Medium body & smooth with taste mirroring aroma. Rich but not heavy, hints of ginger. Savory pie without cream. 9/10

NicP: Tasty & fresh pumpkin tastes like it basked in the summer sun, then put on its spicy gown for my Halloween delight. 5p

NicO: Clean ingredients in great balance. Gourdgeous. And it’s not made with face-yeast, so that’s a bonus. Seriously. 88/100

Rogue Farms Patch

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Elysian Brewing Co./ Ninkasi Brewing Co. –

NicAA: honey with a little foam around the edge. Orange zest, citrusy and piney hops, lemon. Unique. 8/10

NicTM: little plasticky, quite bitter finish, like the smell of a new action figure out of the box. But weirdly nice! 8/10

NicP: in this heavy hop brew it’s hard to find behind the Sorachi hops and pine. It peeps out. 3p

NicO: I like the originality. No spice, zesty, starts out like pumpkin citrus-juice mix and moves on into pine smash 85/100

AlexAA: a lovely honey shade w/ heavy citrus & hops slicing thru on the nose 8/10

AlexTM: butternut squash and pumpkin smoothness followed by a smack you in the face hops and lemon peel 9/10

AlexP: For once!!! a pumpkin IPA where you can taste the pumpkins. #nailedit 5P

AlexO: great white shark of pumpkin beers – pumpkin IPA that stands on own as pumpkin beer OR IPA. Smack me again, Hops 90/100

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Alaskan Brewing Company – Pumpkin Porter (2013)

NicAA: sweet toasty malt and chocolate covered pumpkin yum! Banana, rich brown with light head. GET IN MY MOUTH! 10/10

NicTM: tastes exactly like the aroma, thank the lard! Smooth medium body low carbonation, vanilla, light spice. Dammmmn! 10/10

NicP: Not too much, not too little, not too sweet and not too meaty. It’s just right momma bear. 5p

NicO: Alaska I wanna pet your grizzlies and drink this. This shit is BANANAS, B.A.N.A.N.A.S! 96/100

AlexAA: pours as black as pitch, sweet bready malt and banana in aroma w/ clear cardamom & nutmeg 7/10

AlexTM: espresso & bittersweet mocha in a thin body, boozy finish, lightly toasty w/light cinnamon, cardamom & cloves 8/10

AlexP: sweet w/ a soft lightness in texture, like a pumpkin liqueur 3P

AlexO: Smooth, spicy AND sweet, lightness of body makes it almost like a flat cola, but very even ratio of ingredients. 76/100


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Shipyard Brewing Company – Barrel Aged Smashed Pumpkin (2013)

NicAA: Dense and cloudy. Thin, lasting head. Spicy oak, smooth vanilla notes, fall spice. Sickly sweetness in the nose. 7/10

NicTM: WAY WAY WAY TOO SWEET. Ugh. The oak doesn’t tone it down, Everything here is overpowering. Medicinal. 4/10

NicP: I’d never find it in here. It’s like it was hidden in a bag of caster sugar. 0p #RatePumpkins

NicO: Awful sickly sweet cough medicine. Never liked Smashed, and this is worse. Get it away from me. *runs to shower*. 43/100

AlexAA: Cloudy light sienna, boozy aroma sliced with orange peel 6/10

AlexTM: overwhelming tartness of orange, very sweet malt, and unbalanced wave of booze 5/10

AlexP: so hard to taste thru it all they might as well be looking thru the window at me drinking it 1p

AlexO: you can’t put 0 ingredients in 1 of your pumpkins then all of them in another & expect them to be good*mic drop* 50/100

Shipyard Pugsleys Smashed Barrel

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Heavy Seas Beer – The GreatER Pumpkin

NicAA: Bright copper under a pillowy head, w. big boozy amber nose over cardamom and cinnamon. So rich, smooth and oaky. 9/10 #RatePumpkins

NicTM: Smooth, bourbony, rich with boozy notes. Spices are a delicious jumble, with different tones as it warms. 9/10 #RatePumpkins

NicP: It’s kind of in the chorus of this major production, but it sings a true note. You taste it more as it warms up. 3p #RatePumpkins

NicO: Delicious, boozy, and more complex than the storyline of The X-Files. GreatER than I ever imagined. Arrrr! 92/100

AlexAA: Fizzy, sunshine orange hued, vanilla & bourbon, sweet pumpkin meat 9/10

AlexTM: Heavy molasses and bourbon, caramel malt and brown sugar, then followed w/ oaky, dry finish 9/10

AlexP: Pumpkins – very sweet, but lost after initial burst of flavor and washed away in a smacking sea of whiskey. 4P

AlexO: Hearty, syrupy bourbony pumpkin – the kind you just want to swig from a flask and grow some hair on your chest. 93/100

Heavy Seas GreatER

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Blue Hills Brewery – Pumpkin Lager (2013)

NicAA: Light amber with huge lacy head and big whiffs of pumpkin meat. Slight pickle juice nose, not detecting any spice. 6/10

NicTM: Pumpkin sweeter than the nose and a brown sugar tone pops up unexpectedly. Vanilla hint, spices appear as it warms 8/10

NicP: Very fresh and much sweeter than last year. Heaps and heaps, at the center of the flavors. 8p

NicO: Nose is a little funky but a drinkable lager with character. Nice malt, strong pumpkin. Leaps above last year. 80/100

AlexAA: saccharine aroma, almost medicinal off the top of this slightly red-tinted, clear orange lager, pumpkin but LOTS of sugar 6/10

AlexTM: tart and dry, pumpkin is brown sugared up and doused in cinnamon and faint cloves and all-spice 6/10

AlexP: Twenty times more than was in Stingy Jack, but painted up all wrong 6P

AlexO: This Lager is tarted up like a baby prostitute that you’re friends with – you like who is underneath, but why so much rouge and mascara? 65/100

Blue Hills Lager

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Two Roads Brewing Company – Roadsmary’s Baby (2013)

AlexAA: cloudy mahagony w/ cloves, rum, and the faintest vanilla swirl in this aroma 9/10

AlexTM: high carbonation, sweet pumpkin soaked in boozy rum, vanilla has a cream soda effect, slight hops on the back 8/10

AlexP: Sweet pumpkin and sweet rum duke it out like mean girls – pumpkin wins as the Regina George, here. 6P

AlexO: The rum barrel ice cream float of pumpkins – could’ve used more flavor aka spicing and less tonic, tho. 84/100

NicAA: Fluffy, full head sticks to the top of a deep ruby brew. Heady aroma of sweet pumpkin, light rum and cinnamon. 10/10

NicTM: Medium body, quite fizzy. Spices swirl around pumpkin, then vanilla notes move into a boozy, lingering rum warmth. 8/10

NicP: Gobs of gourd, and fresh tasting. Holds its own easily in a pretty complex mix. Kudos on the name and label too. 6p

NicO: Rum barrel aged but not overdone. Unlike its namesake, it’s no horror show. Cradle it in your beer-drinkin’ hand. 89/100

Roadsmarys Baby

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Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co. – Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale (2013)

AlexAA: honey-toned pale orange w/ light frothy foam, bourbon and vanilla control the aroma, with the faintest hint of pumpkin 9/10

AlexTM: very soft oaky bourbon swirls w/ light caramel & faint cinnamon & pumpkin, once it warms. 9/10

AlexP: Competing with bourbon, the wood, and moderate spicing, tasting pumpkin this much shouldn’t be possible, but it is. 5P

AlexO: This ale combines nutty pumpkin pie w/ a bourbon neat in one – the only thing missing? A pipe & cherry tobacco. 93/100

NicAA: Bright orange, effervescent, white clingy head. Bourbon and candy-like sweet pecan aroma, tinged w. pumpkin. 9/10

NicTM: Staggeringly light for 10% ABV. Way less complex than aroma. Caramel malt, sweet pecan, v. smooth bourbon finish. 9/10

NicP: Very light pumpkin but what there is is very fresh tasting. Works really well at smoothing out the bourbon. 4p

NicO: Well, I thought I’d seen it all. Then this came along and threw my tastebuds a curveball. And I really liked it. 90/100

Kentucky Barrel

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