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Cape Ann Brewing Fisherman’s Pumpkin Stout (2013)

AlexAA: smoky chocolate and a touch of nutmeg takes over this aroma subtly, it pours a gorgeous brown w/ 1/4 inch head 8/10

AlexTM: thin body, lightly roasted malt w/ nutmeg and pumpkin creeping in slowly as espresso taste fades 7/10

AlexP: More presence of pumpkin this year, but still not much, it’s used more as a bridge b/n malt & spice. 2P

AlexO: A nice session stout if you’re feeling the Fall. I just thought it’d be thicker. And yes, that is what I said. 76/100

NicAA: Charcoal with a khaki head that fades quickly. Light cinnamon nose, a touch of nutmeg, cola-like aroma too. 8/10

NicTM: Smooth/low carb, a bit watery. Roasty malt+bitter hops dominate over subtle spice. A little brown sugar sweetens. 7/10

NicP: Less than the imperial. Actually very hard to detect, the bitterness of the hops and malt probably overwhelm it. 1p

NicO: A fairly light stout base with a little added spice and subtle pumpkin. If you want flavor, go for the imperial. 75/100


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Wachusett Brewing Co. – Pumpkan (2013)

NicAA: Clear, tea-colored, thin head. Subtle aroma, mostly light molasses and some pumpkin puree on top of biscuit malt. 7/10

NicTM: Light body, low carb, strong biscuit malt and low spice. Some nutmeg and vanilla tones make for a mellow finish. 8/10

NicP: You can taste pumpkin puree, but light spice means even with the “crust” from the biscuit malt, it’s not a pie beer. 5p

NicO: Light spice+clean finish make it v. sessionable. The maltiness is delicious, I’d like just a tad more fall spice. 82/100

AlexAA: Pours a vibrant amber tone with a playful foamy head – aroma is subtle, but the pumpkin is there. 7/10

AlexTM: definite bigger spice taste from can – balanced cinnamon & nutmeg w/ a LOT of carbonation 7/10

AlexP: Slightly too full on the pumpkin flavor making it almost fruity from sweetness. 7P

AlexO: Just like all meat tastes better on a stick, 12 ouncers taste better from a can to me, esp. this one. 75/100

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Wachusett Brewing Co. – Imperial Pumpkin (2013)

AlexAA: tawny orange, slight cloudiness, very sweet aroma but chock full of wafting pumpkin, too 8/10

AlexTM: AlexTM: The dessert quality of the sugar and vanilla goes hand in hand w/ a barley depth and strong ginger smack. 8/10

AlexP: The sheer volume of pumpkin here, paired with the heavy-handed sugary pour makes it pop it’s pumpkin top a bit. 7P

AlexO: Weathered barley, smacking sugar cane, edge? The Cyndi Lauper of Imperials, sweet, but been around the block. 84/100

NicAA: Clear bright orange w. lingering half-finger head. Aroma of candi sugars, very light spice and vanilla. 9/10

NicTM: Warming, heavy, low carb. Pumpkin and delicate spice into a rush of sweet candi sugars, to a slightly boozy finish 9/10

NicP: Tasty smooth pumpkin puree, and a good amount of it too. The candi sugars compliment it nicely. 6p

NicO: A gem last year, still gleams. Hearty pumpkin ale that doesn’t rely on heavy spice but lets the pumpkin shine. 88/100

Wachusett Imperial Pumpkin

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Cape Ann Brewing Co. – Fisherman’s Imperial Pumpkin Stout (2013)

NicAA: Deep chocolate color, clingy off-white head. Very light spice aroma, coffee, roasty malts and a little molasses. 9/10

NicTM: Silky,full bodied. Chocolate/coffee and fall spice, a very subtle pumpkin hint and warm brown sugar. Delish! 9/10

NicP: This isn’t gonna hit you hard with pumpkin. You’ll find it, at the end of a slow dance with the choc and coffee malt. 2p

NicO: I’m a big fan of pumpkin stouts and this is a front-runner. Full flavor, smooth, so balanced. Catch of the Day! 93/100

AlexAA: dark, chocolate w/ small khaki, hazy head. Heavy scent of espresso and a dash of cardamom. 8/10

AlexTM: ultra-roasted malt w/ chocolate, espresso traced throughout light smoke, & creaminess from light pumpkin finish 9/10

AlexP: The pumpkin has a different role in a stout, to me…it needs to compliment, and this does, but by being comprimario. 3P

AlexO: Best of both worlds: solid stout & light creamy pumpkin. This & my blanket are coming out on the porch w/ me. 95/100

Cape Ann Imperial Fishermans

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Harpoon Brewery – Imperial Pumpkin (2013)

NicAA: Coal black with a thin coffee head. Silky cinnamon, molasses, nutmeg and sweet pumpkin nose, I want to dive in! 9/10

NicTM: Thick, low carb, velvet. Coffee hit segues into warming fall spices, choc, thick molasses. Tastes like beer-nog! 9/10

NicP: The puree pumpkin is more present in the nose than the flavor but acts as a sweet cherry on top of an awesome stout. 3p

NicO: Complex, boozy, bold. Flavors blend beautifully, in a friendly tussle in the fall leaf-pile of your tastebuds. 84/100

AlexAA: rich, glowing chocolate color, minimal head w/ a saccharine scent of pumpkin, cinnamon and molasses 6/10

AlexTM: ginger upfront, roasty malt coupled w/ sweet yeast and warm chocolate, slight nutmeg & cloves as it warms. 7/10

AlexP: Fresh puree, more apparent in aroma than when combined w/ the heavy body of malt, ratio makes it a touch too sweet. 3Ps

AlexO: Balance settles in, but underlying sweet yeast covers chocolate & the exciting spice combo w/ funky aftertaste. 73/100

Harpoon Imperial Pumpkin

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Rock Art Brewery – Imperial Pumpkin Spruce Stout (2013)

AlexAA: no head, dark brown, a rich espresso smoothed over with chocolate richness 8/10

AlexTM: The chocolate fades first to coffee then to straight edge hops, w/ pumpkin adding a sweetness ever so slightly. 7/10

AlexP: The spruce tips overpower all, but I don’t mind, since this is a PINEY STOUT. 1P

AlexO: A go to for a pumpkin-pie stout? Nope. But a go to for a smooth, bitter finish Autumn stout? Hell yeah. 78/100

NicAA: Looks like a glass of cola, no head. Toasted malt and a little pine. Unspiced, not much pumpkin, but choc; good. 7/10

NicTM: Spruce pine upfront, followed by roasted malt and the glow of alcohol. Behind the scenes hops, full body, low carb.8/10

NicP: I believe it’s here, but I’m not tasting it. There’s a little sweetness that rounds out the finish which might be it. 1p

NicO:A flavorful spruce stout which also has pumpkin. A great fall beer, I’d like a touch more pumpkin, otherwise a gem.83/100

Rock Art Spruce

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Shipyard Brewing Co. – Pugsley’s Signature Series Smashed Pumpkin (2013)

AlexAA: this thicker ale has both a sweetened cider-like aroma and appearance. 6/10

AlexTM: saccharine syrup cloys over most flavors in this ale, but vanilla & brown sugar linger the longest. 3/10

AlexP: Strong pumpkin dressed up in cinnamon, which eventually pours thru when it warms. 6Ps

Alex:O: So sweet, it’s painful, literally. And not the new Merriam-Webster definition, either. 60/100

NicAA: Light orange w. a rapidly disappearing head. Sweet brown sugar and cinnamon, smells like fairground candied apple. 6/10

NicTM: Cinnamon and brown sugar and gobs of nutmeg too. Med body, low carb. Vanilla clogs the sickly sweet finish. 6/10

NicP: Not getting a lot, it’s drowned out in the brown sugar and heavy vanilla. So heavy on the extras I can’t find it. 2p

NicO: Nicer warm, but so sugary I feel like my teeth are furry. Late fall fireside beer, or for if you skip a meal. 69/100

Shipyard Pugsleys Smashed

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