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Wolaver’s Organic – Pumpkin Ale (2013)

AlexA: hazy unfiltered blood orange that has chunky fresh pumpkin w/ lightly sprinkled smoky cinnamon on the nose 8/10

AlexTM: thin body, this is a harvest, earthy pumpkin empowered taste w/ a dry finish – a touch of nutmeg fleshes it out 7/10

AlexP: When they say organic Vermont pumpkins, they mean it. These pumpkins are blasting Phish right now. 6P

AlexO: The hippie cousin of pumpkin beers. I want to drink it out of mason jars. Fresh, Raw, Crisp. Delightful! 77/100

NicAA: Clear amber with thin head. Aroma of sweet pumpkin, brown sugar and vanilla. Not much fall spice. Fresh. 9/10

NicTM: Nowhere near so sweet as the aroma. Low carb and light, malty, a little nutmeg, pumpkin and hints of vanilla. 7/10

NicP: The pumpkin in here is tasty and fairly plentiful. This has a rough pumpkin quality, but that’s not a bad thing here. 5p

NicO: Light spice lets the organic VT pumpkin shine. Fresh and clean, but…like an unseasoned veggie plate, not exciting.79/100

Wolavers Organic

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