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Wachusett Brewing Co. – Pumpkan (2013)

NicAA: Clear, tea-colored, thin head. Subtle aroma, mostly light molasses and some pumpkin puree on top of biscuit malt. 7/10

NicTM: Light body, low carb, strong biscuit malt and low spice. Some nutmeg and vanilla tones make for a mellow finish. 8/10

NicP: You can taste pumpkin puree, but light spice means even with the “crust” from the biscuit malt, it’s not a pie beer. 5p

NicO: Light spice+clean finish make it v. sessionable. The maltiness is delicious, I’d like just a tad more fall spice. 82/100

AlexAA: Pours a vibrant amber tone with a playful foamy head – aroma is subtle, but the pumpkin is there. 7/10

AlexTM: definite bigger spice taste from can – balanced cinnamon & nutmeg w/ a LOT of carbonation 7/10

AlexP: Slightly too full on the pumpkin flavor making it almost fruity from sweetness. 7P

AlexO: Just like all meat tastes better on a stick, 12 ouncers taste better from a can to me, esp. this one. 75/100

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