Long Trail Brewing Co. – Imperial Pumpkin, Brush and Barrel Series (2013)

08 Sep

AlexAA: murky, blood orange with wafting notes of cloves, nutmeg, and blending w/ the malts into a banana scent 5/10

AlexTM: bready, sourish malt that has cloves, ginger, & a touch of cinnamon confusing each other w/ who leads each sip. 4/10

AlexP: I know they’re there from the density and texture, but I just can’t taste them thru the stickiness. 2/10

AlexO: Bitter & tart? Last year’s Brewmaster series was a medicinal flop, this year’s is better, but better ain’t great 52/100

NicAA: Hazy red with a fast fading head. Aroma is so strongly of apple cider, very odd. Sweet, burnt, a little boozy. 7/10

NicTM: Weirdly light and thin in the beginning compared to the heavy aroma. Sour finish, not getting a lot of spice. 5/10

NicP: Present but not well dressed. Like kinda off pumpkins they over-roasted to mask it in the beer. 4p

NicO: Burnt sugar, turning to oddly sour and apple cider like. Nope. 50/100

Long Trail Brush and Barrel Imperial

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Posted by on September 8, 2013 in 2013 Reviews


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