Smuttynose Brewing Co. – Pumpkin Ale (2013)

04 Sep

NicAA: Slight haze on an amber background, with a thick cream head that sticks. Light cinnamon, a little puree pumpkin. 8/10

NicTM: Refreshing + light, think pale ale w. pumpkin puree and light spice. Hops come through more than in most pumpkins. 8/10

NicP: Sweet and nicely complimenting the light spice and hops, the pumpkin puree is not forward but rounds out the ale. 4p

NicO: Another early fall pumpkin, try this soon. Not a pie-style pumpkin, so don’t expect sweet. Fall BBQ? Grab some. 84/100

AlexAA: fluffy white head on a hazy burnt golden orange, sweet nutmeg takes over the nose. 6/10

AlexTM: As it warms, the initial bitterness fades letting a sweet pumpkin thru the allspice & nutmeg that fleshes out this brew. 7/10

AlexP: Very subtle under a cloak of spices – sweet, but not enough meat to me. 2P

AlexO: Spicing creates more an autumn/oktoberfest quality, but aftertaste loses any pumpkin taste into hop chalkiness. 66/100


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Posted by on September 4, 2013 in 2013 Reviews


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