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Anderson Valley Brewing Co. – Fall Hornin’ (2013)

NicAA: Roasty amber with a sticky copper head and gobs of spice and pumpkin in the nose. Sweet, molasses, ginger. Yum! 9/10

NicTM: Surprisingly light/less heavy on the spice than the aroma suggests. Much less sweet. Not bad just unexpected. 7/10

NicP: Pumpkin is more present in the nose than the flavor, but it is meaty and not overwhelmed by the spice. 6p

NicO: A great early-fall campfire pumpkin. Grab a sixer and take it to a cabin. It’s a promising taste of fall to come. 82/100

AlexAA: deep russet color out of can, the aroma drips of heavy cloves and light nutmeg and ginger 9/10

AlexTM: cola like, ginger tops a brown sugar, and seasons a toasted pumpkin w/ some bitterness & hops at end. 8/10

AlexP: toasted pumpkin is forward & wrapped in caramel – too weighty for the body of the ale. 7Pumpkins

AlexO: this creamyhoppypumpkincolagingerbeer is a little complex for being canned, but I’d bring a sixer to a campfire 84/100

Anderson Valley Fall Hornin

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