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Dogfish Head – Punkin (2013)

NicAA: Nice burnt orange hue with a sticky head and waves of sweet brown sugar, fall spices and vanilla in the nose. Sweeter than last year. 9/10

NicTM: Med body/ carbonation, tastes much less sweet than it smells. More pumpkin meat than last yr, and the spices are less forward. 9/10

NicP: Tasty and fresh, the pumpkin is showcased nicely in this brew, and not overdressed. Exactly what you want in a fresh pumpkin beer. 5P

NicO: The fresh pumpkin meat and spice mix here are textbook. Sit on your porch with this old friend and watch the leaves turn. 89/100

AlexAA: clear amber w/ lots of fizz in the carbonation, heavy nutmeg, some cinnamon and much sweetness to the scent. 8/10

AlexTM: great wall of brown sugar malt is cut thru w/ slight piney hop edge and dash of allspice. 9/10

AlexP: Full pumpkin body, but in balance to heavy spicing that enhance the freshness of pumpkin w/ panache. 5/10

AlexO: For being clear, fullness warms all the way down. Walks fine line b/n sweet & savory, doesn’t lose it’s balance. 93/100


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