The Tap Brewing Company – Pumpkin Eater (2012)

28 Aug

NicAA: Golden and clear with almost no head. Delicate fall spices, cinnamon and vanilla mostly, and a great pumpkin aroma. 9/10

NicTM: This is like an easy drinking, toned down Pumking in flavor profile. Biscuity malt and vanilla make a pumpkin crust, mmm pie! 9/10

NicP: Fresh, ripe and roasted, and nicely showcased in the spice and malt. Not overwhelming or too sweet. 4 pumpkins

NicO: This is a fantastic easy drinking pumpkin that I would love to buy in sixes. Like Pumking’s little brother, who is a bit shy. 92/100

AlexAA: a light clear amber w/ 1/8 inch head, spicy aroma of nutmeg, vanilla and pumpkin 10/10

AlexTM: Carbonated, light-bodied, watery – full spicing that tastes like pumpkin pie: nutmeg, pumpkin and ginger 9/10

AlexP: LOTS. but also, lots of water – allows for drinking this beer in larger quantities, as it doesn’t become overwhelming. 6/10

AlexO: As excellently spiced session ale for pumpkins, BIG SPICE but a body that paces itself nicely. More please!! 94/100

Tap Pumpkineater

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