Harpoon Brewery – Pumpkin Cider (2012)

28 Aug

NicAA: With a tart and acidic apple aroma, this cider pours perfectly clear bright yellow. Not really getting any pumpkin in the nose. 6/10

NicTM: Crisp and moderately carbonated, this is a pretty tart apple cider which has a subtle pumpkin in the finish. No spice to note. 6/10

NicP: Well I do get the pumpkin a bit, but not like I wanted to. It’s almost like they were afraid to overdo it, and just missed. 1 pumpkin.

NicO: A fine tart apple cider, but don’t get excited about any pumpkin. If you want a pumpkin hit in your cider, Woodchuck nailed it. 71/100

AlexAA: pale gold tone with a sting to the aroma, there’s the faintest of apple there, but it almost seems pickled to the nose 4/10

AlexTM: pretty sour – makes you pucker, apples are very present, there’s a bit of ginger, but no pumpkin, kind of a chlorine fade on it 3/10

AlexP: P: I can’t taste any, and that’s that. 0/10

AlexO: The lack of spice really bothers me. Apples can be complemented in oh, so many ways, so it would’ve been nice if they chose one. 30/100

Harpoon Cider

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