Elysian Brewing – Dark O’ The Moon (2012)

28 Aug

AlexAA: dense, chocolate tone with a tan foamy head, smells of rich, bitter cocoa powder 9/10

AlexTM: lighter-bodied than a typical stout, sweeter too, as pumpkin and cinnamon gleam through the darkness of the chocolate 9/10

AlexP: a generous serving, which is needed to swim upstream the smoothness of the chocolate, they add just enough sweet to the bitter. 4/10

AlexO: This is a smoky stout that can take you into winter – a vest wearer of the stouts, if you will. Elysian, you are 5 for 5 w/ me 94/100

NicAA: Deep coal with cappuccino head that sticks. Aroma thick with orange peel and chocolate and a little spice, my mouth is watering! 10/10

NicTM: Full body low carbonation, more coffee taste than in aroma.Rich, low spice taste but it brings out the toasted malt well. Silky. 9/10

NicP: Pumpkin here is swaddled in a smooth cloak of spices and orange peel, and it looks dashing. Perfect amount and great presentation. 4 p

NicO:Like a comfortable velvet smoking jacket you would wear endlessly, this beer I would never tire of drinking.Elysian did it again. 96/100

Elysian Dark O The Moon

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