Cambridge Brewing Company – Grey Ghost (2012)

28 Aug

AlexAA: marigold toned, translucent, light, white foam – scents heavy w/ orange and pumpkin. 10/10

AlexTM: medium-bodied wheat w/ coriander and orange. There is a fresh pumpkin to the weight, as well. 9/10

AlexP: Perfectly balanced with the citrus and spice – not an easy feat. 5/10

AlexO: Citrus + pumpkin combined needs heavy hitter coriander to meld together perfectly. This is a stellar addition to pmpkn beer. 97/100

NicAA: Orange haze with no real head. Aroma is mixed sweet and sour, a little orange zest and wheat, yeast. Some peppery aroma. 7/10

NicTM: Grains of paradise in plenty, fruity yeast and wheat with a little pumpkin sweetness. Citrus tang. Med body, low carbonation. 8/10

NicP: Yeah, but a little hidden behind the pretty strong peppery flavor of the grains of paradise, and the fruity citrus. 2 pumpkins

NicO: Experimental. Grains of paradise+citrus zip make it feel like a summery pumpkin. Works well on sunny fall day in CBC beer yard. 84/100

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Posted by on August 28, 2013 in 2012 Reviews


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