Cambridge Brewing Co. – White Widow Un-Pumpkin Pumpkin IPA (2012)

28 Aug

NicAA:  Hoppy, very fresh smelling. Golden, a little hazy, small head. Pine and citrus hop nose with no detectable pumpkin, unspiced. 8/10

NicTM: Medium body, low carbonation. Really fresh hop taste and lots of it. Can’t pick out the pumpkin behind it…maybe when it warms. 8/10

NicP: Nope. I can’t really pick it out at all, but there is a little sweetness in the middle that might be from the pumpkin. ½ a pumpkin

NicO:Hard to judge as pumpkin beer cos it is, but it isn’t. Judging it as a beer it’s fantastic. But for pumpkin taste, keep walking. 87/100

AlexAA: a golden, light orange with a smack you in the face strength to the piney hoppiness in the aroma 7/10

AlexTM: very bitter and hoppy, which is all well and fine for an IPA but it is without a trace of pumpkin, has a watery finish 6/10

AlexP: If there had been the smallest trace of pumpkins, I would’ve been satisfied, but alas…0/10

AlexO: Hard to rate amongst pmpkn beers, but I am also not a huge IPA gal – fresh as hell, but at least they know it’s an un-pumpkin. 70/100

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