Brewery Timmerman’s – Pumpkin Lambicus (2012)

28 Aug

NicAA: Straw colored pour with a finger head and good retention. Aroma – weirdly little. A bit of yeast and tartness, but not much more.5/10

NicTM: Well, sour as expected, vinegar tones, coriander. Earthy pumpkin taste in the finish with a hint of sweetness, spice as warms up 7/10

NicP: The pumpkin in this is brought out in a more raw, earthy way than regular pumpkin brews, but not unripe. Just, not as expected. 3 p

NicO: If you’re a fan of lambics this might be a great seasonal for you. As I’m not really it’s hard to rate, but I’d pass in future. 68/100

AlexAA: clear rust color with an aroma of tartness, apple and a sticky sour malt 5/10

AlexTM: early onset of sweet apple and pumpkin + carbonation, then brown sugar, then to the sourness of the malt for the aftertaste 7/10

AlexP: very sweet handling of the pumpkin here, which is a nice foil to how tart the apple is. 6/10

AlexO: The chalky feeling it leaves makes me continue sipping, but the amount of fruit/pumpkin/SUGAR would be overwhelming for just 1 69/100

Timmermans Lambicus

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