Matt Brewing Co. – Saranac Pumpkin (2012)

27 Aug

AlexAA: deep russet w/ high visibility, oaky malted aroma filled w/ deep cloves, a sprinkling of nutmeg. The pumpkin shines through, too 9/10

AlexTM: Squashy-side of pumpkin w/ roasted coffee finish – spices harder to discern once in mix of malt, tho there is cinnamon + vanilla 7/10

AlexP: A decent-sized serving, and prepared in a refreshing, not overly-spiced manner aka not done up like a strumpet w/ too many spices 4/10

AlexO: Refreshingly crisp, not weighty but still carries full autumnal palate – a less festive + more seasonal way to treat pumpkin. 86/100

NicAA: Hazy orange with a good 1/3 inch head. And in the nose, there is that tomatoey smell I get from the odd pumpkin brew. Ketchup! 4/10

NicTM: Huge hit of vanilla + malt, pumpkin + subtle spice mix. Tastes nothing like the smell, MUCH better. Light, moderate carbonation. 8/10

NicP: Not strong, but present. V heavy on the vanilla but that helps the “pie” aspect. Traditional spices take a back seat. 2 pumpkins

NicO: This is a distinctive brew for sure. The aroma and taste could not be more different, and the vanilla is prominent. Different. 79/100


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