Hoppin’ Frog Brewery – Frog’s Hollow Double Pumpkin Ale (2012)

27 Aug

AlexAA: translucent, lovely burnt orange with absolutely no lacing or head – STRONG cinnamon aroma, with a bittersweetness to it 8/10

Alex TM: rather full-bodied, spicy cloves and ginger body with cinnamon tones – touch of all-spice. Surprisingly not sweet like aroma 9/10

AlexP: The pumpkin holds its own but with an attitude problem – like a “love-able a-hole” – its suited to the spices but does what it wants 8/10

Alex O: A firecracker pissant to be sure – heavy hitter w/ loads of taste to back it up. Go big or go home – and I will take it home. 95/100

NicAA: Smell is sweet, almost caramel, with noticeable pumpkin and cinnamon and absolutely mouthwatering. Pours a nice clear amber. 9/10

NicTM: Full body, perfect carbonation. Nice and malty, and extremely well balanced spice. Nice ginger and cinnamon. So well done! 9/10

NicP: Great. This beer is the closest to pumpkin pie for me yet, and has absolutely the right amount of pumpkin to spice for me. 5 pumpkins

NicO: Easy drinking for an 8.4% beer, rich and flavorful. This pumpkin beer is my new beau. I’m moving to Ohio for my frog prince.  96/100

Frogs Hollow 1 Frogs Hollow 2

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