Harpoon Brewery – UFO Pumpkin (2012)

27 Aug

NicAA: Pours a hazy bright orange with a cream-orange head. Delicate nutmeg and nice malty sweet nose. Hints of clove too. Refreshing. 9/10

NicTM: Pumpkin comes through nicely, and this is more tart than a lot of pumpkin offerings. Light body, yeasty and good, moderate spice. 8/10

NicP: The pumpkin is there, and nicely meaty and natural compared to some others, probably because it is unfiltered. 6 pumpkins

NicO: I’d get this on tap, and find myself liking this more with each sip. It’s not a supermodel, but it might be a part-time model. 86/100

Alex AA: hazy cloud of deep, tanned orange – small head. Aroma of cinnamon, with a graininess to it – there’s a hint of barley, there. 8/10

AlexM: Caramel body w/ a fullness due to the fact it’s unfiltered. With medium carbonation, there’s a good balance b/n spice + pumpkin. 8.5/10

AlexP: Pumpkin is meaty in this beer – well-honed by cinnamon + nutmeg, but w/ a satisfying grainy malt. 6/10

AlexO: In a bar, I would order it. That stocky beer at a party that has all laughing well into the night. I would order a 2nd…and a 3rd. 86/10

Harpoon UFO
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