Buffalo Bill’s Brewery – Pumpkin Ale (2012)

27 Aug

Alex AA: no head whatsoever, deep amber with slight haziness to the visibility, light raw, bitter pumpkin smell coupled w/ ginger 6/10

AlexTM: taste overrun by raisin + cloves, hard to discern pumpkin in the mix of over-concentration of mulled spices + watery nature of ale 5/10

Alex P: More present in the aroma – even in the body of the beer, the pumpkin is smothered with a holiday satchel full of spice 1/10

AlexO: Hard to describe something as full-bodied, + weak as water – but somebody poured ale into a bowl of potpourri. And I hate raisins. 42/100

NicAA: Pours a dusty copper with a thick head but poor retention. Visibly VERY carbonated. Vegetal pumpkin aroma, not much spice. 5/10

NicTM: Very thin, less carbonated than it appeared, very light on the spices. Pumpkin flavor is almost tomato-like. Just kind of odd. 4/10

NicP: Present, but vegetal, and not complimented well by the over-light spices. Too much like drinking sugary pumpkin juice. 7 pumpkins

NicO: Weird and fizzy. Like an odd pumpkin soda, this beer isn’t one I’d be revisiting in a hurry. Original doesn’t always mean best.  48/100

Buffalo Bills

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