Blue Moon Brewing Company – Harvest Moon Pumpkin (2012)

27 Aug

NicAA: A rich amber color with cream colored head and fair retention. Spice, very strong clove aroma, a little pumpkin in the finish. 7/10

NicTM: Medium body, mid to low carbonation. Spices not as strong tasting as in the nose, balanced spices and light pumpkin in finish. 7/10

NicP: The pumpkin is there, and garbed in a decent amount of autumn spice. Nothing out of place in this beer, it’s just subtle. 4 pumpkins

NicO: No strong flavors, but that makes it a nice easy-drinking session pumpkin. This is the beer Sam Adams should have made. 76/100

Alex AA: High carbonation in a clear rust-hued ale, heavy nutmeg to aroma, small frothy head 7/10

Alex TM: carbonation is a bit much on onset, taste fills out to a light body of wheat, cloves and all-spice – pumpkin is light, tho 7/10

Alex P: Perhaps the wheat base to this ale spreads the pumpkin out too far, like butter across just a tad too much bread 2/10

Alex O: The wheat finish turns to little alcohol in the aftertaste. Carbonation makes it feel like a beer soda at the health store. 70/100

Harvest Moon

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